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Here we are. The awkward time period between Halloween and Christmas where the fall spirit is waning and most people are tempting the seasons by starting the Holiday festivities before Turkey Day. While I too struggle with listening to Christmas music a few weeks (months) too soon, we must remember how good Thanksgiving can be and not wish away the lovely fall season of gratitude. One of my favorite things to do to spice up the holiday is to throw in another celebration on top of your usual on Thanksgiving Day. Cause what’s better than one Turkey Day food spread? Two!

Friendsgiving. The term that has become widely popular to mean a Thanksgiving feast and gathering with your besties. It’s often an addition to a regular Thanksgiving meal and is often celebrated just before or just after the official Turkey Day. I’m here to share with you some tips to have the ultimate 2021 Friendsgiving. 


  • Everyone brings one food item. It’s similar to a giant potluck type of situation. Unless someone wants to cook a whole Thanksgiving feast by themselves for everyone, (feel free, but I know I don’t have all that time and patience) it’s easier and more fun to have a fun variety made by everyone. And, in my opinion, it’s part of the fun to have everyone bring a little of themselves into the Friendsgiving.
    • Everyone brings something DIFFERENT. Hopefully this is an unspoken known, but just in case, have each person declare their dish prior to the event so there’s not five mashed potatoes and no turkey.
  • No drama at Friendsgiving. If necessary, be picky with the guest list to avoid dinner table awkwardness. If you need to celebrate with different groups of people separately, so be it. We don’t need a remake of the infamous Gossip Girl thanksgiving episode where everyone storms away from the table to Jason Derulo’s “Whatcha Say.” Friendsgiving is a holiday about appreciating why you are thankful for your friendship, and there’s no need to ruin that with drama. 
  • Pictures are a must. Remembering your ultimate Friendsgiving is important in times of struggle with your friendships. Being able to look back at the times when you were celebrating how thankful you were for your friends is sometimes necessary, and you’ll be thankful you did it. 
    • Do yourself a favor and invest in a cute “Friendsgiving” sign from Party City or just some cute fall décor to spice up the pics.
  • With that, try and use fall decorations only. As tempting as it is to put up that Christmas tree when fall feels like your own personal season of depression, hold off until after Thanksgiving. Keep the colored leaves and “happy fall” décor alive for this holiday. It’s important to embrace the season for an ultimate Friendsgiving! 
  • Go around the table and say what you’re thankful for. I am fully aware that it’s beyond cheesy and sometimes awkward, but it needs to be done. This day is about gratitude, and it’s important to tell the people you love that you love them. 
  • Define the dress code. If you are feeling pajama party, do it. If you’re feeling dresses and boots, do that. Dress for fun and dress for yourselves. Most importantly, make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable.
    • Make sure to clearly define it though so you can coordinate for pictures! :)
  • Finally, remember the significance of the day. Gratitude. Thankfulness. Love. Remember the true meaning throughout the whole process, and you’re sure to have an ultimate Friendsgiving. 

Happy Turkey Season Y’all <3

Zoe Smith

South Carolina '25

CT | University of South Carolina '25 | Editorial Team Contributor
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