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Back in December I decided to get curtain bangs and I have loved them ever since. There are so many great things to do with them, and they are easy to hide when I want to go for a more simple look.

For starters, I feel as if I have a really weird face shape and hate wearing my hair up without a few pieces of hair hanging down. I have done so many updos with my new bangs mainly because it gives me the confidence to do so! It’s also great that most of the time my natural curls give it a cute, little wave so that my hair is completely heat-damage free. 

Some of the styles I have done are dutch braids with some loose curls for the bangs, one of my personal faves. I also like to do a little messy bun for those lazy zoom meeting days where you wear a cute top and some cozy sweats. 

If you want a more professional, sleek look I recommend making sure your hair parting is perfect. This can be achieved with any comb or anything that you part your hair with. I usually do a middle part, straight out my bangs and any fly-aways first. After this I usually do a tighter ponytail, especially during this rainy 2021 we have had so far in. 

I will say, at first the bangs were very different to me as I have had the same haircut for a few years with maybe a few layers here and there. Getting used to them took some time and figuring out what I like to do with them was even more time consuming. I admit that I got so frustrated with one style that I just gave up and showered and then bobby pinned the bangs. 

Curtain bangs are super versatile, however. If you want to hide them, I usually do a half up/half down look and use some hairspray to keep them in position! 

Some of the main tips I want to add for anyone considering or struggling with curtain bangs are that you should not get frustrated! Getting frustrated will cause you to just hate them and nobody should hate their hair. Secondly, keep your patience. Don’t expect your straightener to just do what you want it to on the first try, but if that happens then you are very lucky. And lastly, be creative. Wear it in a new style with some cute, gold hoops and call it a day!

Basically, I am going to keep my bangs for a long time as they make any eyeshadow look or earring even cuter. I am so happy with them and hope that I can help someone feel just as confident. 


Sophia Martin

South Carolina '22

Sophia is an Advertising major who loves writing, her dog Ryder, chai lattes, and writing content. She is beyond excited to see where she can lead the South Carolina chapter as president.
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