How Do You Get With the Times?

This past week, Senator Bernie Sanders was part of The New York Times “Get with the Times” series in his discussion with Alexander Burns, a NYT political correspondent. The senator was participating in the “Turnup for the Turnout” event in hopes to encourage college students to vote in the upcoming elections. The event was hosted at the University of Maryland on October 3rd and was broadcasted through Facebook Live to watch parties around the country.

HC South Carolina hosted a watch party in our school of journalism and mass communications, inviting students from across our campus to learn more about the importance of their vote. As Sanders said in the discussion, “politics is not a spectator sport.”

Other topics that Sanders discussed included the recent rise in Amazon employees’ wages, American democracy, and possibly the most controversial topic of the past few weeks, Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation in the Supreme Court.

Sanders emphasized the importance of women feeling comfortable and safe enough to come forward. This is a topic that hits home for a lot of college women, as we face the challenges of being a young adult in today’s society. “If women are assaulted, are taken advantage of, we want them to be confident and come forward,” said Sanders.

But the event wasn’t all business – we did have some fun giveaways and prizes for attendees, including some New York Times Swag and Rock the Vote buttons.

Thank you to those that attended the event and made it such a success! We hope you enjoyed the discussion and are ready to vote on November 6th.