In Her Shoes: A Night of Networking

From journalists to social media superstars, Her Campus South Carolina’s In Her Shoes event captured the essence of being a #girlboss – whether in your career, or in your everyday life. The event consisted of 18 panelists across 6 different panels, including “How to Be a Girl Boss” and “Can You Make it in Public Relations?”

Whether you aspire to be a host of a morning talk show or an entrepreneur owning a mom-and-pop shop, hearing from those that have conquered their journey to success can empower anyone.

HCSC President, Lexi Hill created the In Her Shoes event two years ago, and the event has since then grown to become bigger and better. “I’ve always likened the event to coffee with 100 or so new connections. My goal has been to create an environment that fosters growth. Every woman defines success differently, so to bring a ton of undergraduate women into an event that allows them an opportunity to learn from other women who are established in their career is a really cool experience to be a part of,” said Hill.

As of Wednesday morning, hours before the event at 701 Whaley, In Her Shoes was completely sold out. HCSC had over 130 attendees that received valuable advice and a free Linked In headshot from student photographer, Cece Starkman. The entire Her Campus South Carolina team was overjoyed that the effort put in to the event was rewarded by such a great turnout. “Planning an event is always stressful, but when we sold out of tickets I knew the event would be the huge success I pictured it to be,” said Hill.

Each attendee received a goodie bag as they checked in to the event that included a ticket to be used towards the thirteen giveaways. To earn additional tickets, the Her Campus team took “social currency.” Any sort of social media post resulted in more tickets and upped participants’ chances of winning. The giveaways were donated by local businesses, including Vestique, Orange Theory and Wildflower Boutique.

“The hardest part about planning an event like this is trying to make sure all parties are responsive such as vendors and speakers. We were very lucky that all of our donors and speakers were so cooperative and enthusiastic to be a part of In Her Shoes,” said the Marketing and Public Relations Director, Courtney Cantrick. Lexi, Courtney and the special events team put on an event that gave students an opportunity to network with local girl bosses, gain advice on how to succeed in their future careers and the chance to win a giveaway, or two.

Keep an eye out for more HCSC events and be sure to join us next year for our fourth annual In Her Shoes!