HCSC’s Weekly Read: Lisa Lutz’s, The Passenger

At HCSC, we’re focusing a lot on reading. Yes, reading books, for fun. If you aren’t sure you’re into it, check out our first article in our "Weekly Reads" column,to see why reading is the key to succeeding in college, and in life.

Full disclosure: after I read this book I made about four of my friends read it as well. So, basically this book is fire and you all need to read it.

If you’re into suspenseful, eerie reads, then you should pick up The Passenger. To be completely honest, this book was not on my radar. In fact, I accidentally stumbled upon it while traipsing through every aisle at Target; of course leaving with five additional items that were not originally on my list.

But, lucky for me, one of those items was Lisa Lutz’s book that follows a woman, who assumes eight different personas, while she runs away from her past life. At first, the reader is led to believe that the main character, who goes by Tanya Dubois, is running away after her husband’s murderer. As Dubois starts to run, you’re left wondering if she killed him herself and, if so, why?

But, those questions subside once that identity becomes unsafe, forcing her to take on another name and personality.With every new identity, another piece of the puzzle gets put back together.

This character-driven book envelops you from the first page til the last. Every character adds another dimension to the novel, enhancing the story and the mystery being told. The only catch is, is that everytime you think you’ve got it, you’re introduced to someone new, or another, crazy turn of events occurs.

If you are reading or have recently finished reading The Passenger, shoot us an email at [email protected] to tell us what you thought. You might be featured in our next column.