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HCSC Interviews Will Mackey: A New USC Legend

Meet Will Mackey, a freshman here at the University of South Carolina. You may have heard of him before – he’s the one who stormed the field after the Gamecocks’ big win over Tennessee, and he’s got a video to prove it. We got the chance to talk to him about his experience making headlines around the school.

HCSC: How did you get onto the field?

WM: I don’t think that answering this one is a good idea.

HCSC: Did you get to interact with any of the football players?

WM: I actually saw Perry Orth on the field who celebrated with me. I’ve been tweeted at by players such as Terry Googer, Deebo Samuel, Chris Moody, and Elliott Fry. [They] all DM’ed me to tell me that they respect me or to let me know that my tweets have been funny.

HCSC: About how long were you on the field?

WM: I was only on the field for about 5 minutes or so. I was wearing the polos that the sidelines wear so I think that is why I went unnoticed for so long. It was actually a friend of mine pulling me back into the stands that alerted Law Enforcement.

HCSC: What was the best part of the whole experience?

WM: The best part of my experience has definitely been the support I have received from not only fellow students, but the football players as well. It shows why the University of South Carolina is a step above other colleges. This experience has made me realize the true impact behind our motto “Forever To Thee”.

HCSC: Have you received any “fame” around campus or in your classes?

WM: I have had many classmates make comments during classes, I have had teachers ask me about the process, and an uncountable amount of shout outs just walking around campus.

HCSC: How did the last game go for you? (Did you get in?) 

WM: I like this question. I actually had my dad buy me a ticket for the game against Missouri and he bought me a ticket that was just feet away from where I stormed the field across from the student section. Even though I am only banned from student tickets and this was legal, I still posted a picture of me wearing a mustache and glasses with the caption “shhhh” simply as a joke. It has landed well, but I do want people to know that I did not violate any sanctions given to me from the University.

HCSC: Would you do it again?

WM: I get asked this a lot, and even though it has been a great process for me and even my family, there’s the constant worries of repercussions not only from the school but for my future. Besides, a repeat offender never looks good.

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