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Five Stages of Grief as a Carolina Student: Clemson Edition

Being a Gamecock has not been easy this year. With our 3 and 6 record, the HBC resigning and to make it worse, Clemson is number one in the nation. With the rivalry game fastly approaching, I thought I could speed the grief process along for you guys.

Here are the five stages of grief we all must go through before showing true gamecock pride on Saturday, November 28.

Stage 1: Denial

89% of people voted for the garbage emoji. I feel you Saagar, I really do. 

Well if 114 people agree, it must be true.

Stage 2: Anger


Okay, okay, so this isn't an agry Carolina fan but I just love this gif so much. It is a perfect representation of Clemson Class and...well...anger. Feel free to save this image for anyime you’re feeling down about our team.

Stage 3: Bargaining

Are you there God? It's me, Sam. I just want you to know that I will give up drinking for an entire semester if we could just beat Clemson. Or if anyone could beat Clemson, for that matter.  Amen.

Stage 4:  Depression 

Its okay girls, football season only lasts a few more weeks. We can get through this and when we do, we have women’s basketball to cheer us back up again.

Stage 5: Acceptance

Win or lose, we are the South Carolina Gamecocks. We show up to every game ready to fight and bleed garnet and black. Give ‘em hell, Carolina. We’ve got a game to win. 

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