Fashion Board’s Student Designer Showcase was Magical AF

If you’re a fashion junkie, USC’s fashion organization, Fashion Board, should be your go-to for outfit inspiration. Luckily for you, this is their Fashion Week. On Wednesday, they had their student designer showcase, featuring designs from three students, Alexa Abercrombie, Anne Coleman, and Maddy Pease.

Mary Wilbur, Fashion Board's treasurer and the organizer of the student design showcase, shared a little bit more about the event. “The designers were asked to create a collection of four looks; one to be judged by a panel of judges and three additional looks. This year, the judged look was supposed to have a nature theme, so I told them to think of earth, wind, and fire as inspiration.” The three designers definitely listened to Wilbur’s advice, blowing not only the judges, but also the attendees away.

This year, instead of a normal catwalk, the models walked and then stood in the middle of the runway, allowing attendees the chance to go up and meet the designers and check out the models’ outfits from a closer perspective.

HCSC went and took pictures, so if you missed the event, check out the amazing designs below!

This is Alexa’s collection, which was constructed by hand and an industrial sewing machine. Her inspirations came from Joy division, the movie “Jennifer’s Body,” Alexander McQueen, death, romance and red roses.

Alexa Abercrombia, designer, in the middle of four models from her girl-boss collection. Picture by Kiernan Rome.

As you can see, this bold collection is perfect for work or even a night out.

The next designer, Anne Coleman’s vision came into fruition perfectly. The goal was to combine the unique design elements drawn from her inspirations, the natural vibes of Bohemian style and the eye-catching colors of tropical flowers. What makes her collection even more unique, is the fact that it is constructed by 90% recycled materials.; most of which are old tee shirts.

Anne Coleman's collection is pictured above. Colemen is the third in from the right. Picture by Kiernan Rome.

The last designer, Maddy Pease, is this year’s student showcase winner! If you want to see her collection in person, be sure to come to Thursday’s event with local boutique owners and fashion gurus. Maddy’s collection is based on the theme of nature. Her entire collection was constructed by hand with materials that she gathered herself.

Pease, pictured in the middle, poses with the four models of her winning collection. Picture by Kiernan Rome.

Pease had her models walk the runway barefoot, encapsulating feelings of freedom and rebellion.

In addition to showcasing these collections, local student-made crafts, jewelry and clothes were also there! If you're looking to take your school spirit up a notch, check out Sew College's trendy distressed tee shirt and sweatshirt designs. We met two of USC's Sew College representatives, Bianca Pirone and Anna Grace Averett. Be sure to follow them on Instagram, @sew_college! 


Bianca Pirone, pictured on the left, and Anna Grace Averett, pictured on the right. Picture by Kiernan Rome.

If you missed out on last night's show, you're in luck! The designer showcase will be tonight, Thursday March 23rd at 7 p.m. at 701 Whaley, right near Olympia and Granby.