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Everything You Need to Know About This Week’s Bachelor Episode

So a few things happened this week on The Bachelor worth discussing (freaking out over). If you’re anything like me, you can’t wait for Monday nights to finally binge watch the drama and drink wine with your girls. This week’s episode started off with a catfight right off the bat.

We all knew Taylor and Corrine we’re going to stick around after the rose ceremony, because the drama wouldn’t be there without them. But I don’t think anyone expected sweet little Sarah to be sent home without a rose – she didn’t deserve that. Her tears were completely genuine and she made a solid point that she was there for the right reasons and was being overlooked because of all the drama. Our hearts go out to you, girlfriend.

We also said goodbye to Astrid this week. Honestly, she was sweet but she didn’t do much for me. The most screen time she got was when her boobs weren’t being supported in an athletic group date. Pass.

After the rose ceremony the girls set off for New Orleans and the week kicked off with a one-on-one date for Rachel. The date was casual and fun with the two showing a surprisingly strong bond. Rachel’s bubbly personality and carefree lifestyle seems to be going much farther with Nick than the first impression rose.

Finally, after an extremely weird group date at a haunted house it’s the moment we’re all waiting for – Corrine and Taylor’s two on one. Nick and the girls are off to the middle of the woods (convenient) and even get their fortunes read to them. The girls start taking even more digs at each other with Corrine exclaiming she “can’t even” believe Taylor is a mental health counselor.

Honestly, I wish I had a stronger opinion, but Corrine and Taylor both seem extremely fake to me. Although, there is also a difference between being fake and just being immature, and Corrine has both of those traits in the bag. Nick can’t see that though and *spoiler alert* Corrine gets the rose. I guess ABC isn’t quite ready to give up her drama yet. Better luck next time.

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