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What is Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is a new streaming service that was released in the United States on November 12th. 

What does the streaming service offer? 

Disney+ features all Disney classics, ranging from TV shows to movies, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars Series, and National Geographic. 

How much is it?

Disney+ alone is $6.99 a month. However, they have a package that includes Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ for $12.99 a month. 

BONUS:  If you have Verizon, you get a free trial for a whole year. 

What devices support it?

Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, PS4, Xbox One, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android and Chromebooks. 

What features does it have?

Disney+ can be streamed on four different devices at once, and you have the ability to download shows and movies. It also includes exclusive movies and series, such as the High School Musical adaptation. 


We talked to some of our peers who are using Disney+… here’s what they think. 


What is your favorite movie on it?

“My favorite movie is the High School Musical Series.”-M.C.


“Lilo and Stitch”-B.E.

“Right now, Noelle.”-E.B.

What is the best feature of the streaming service?

“The best feature is all of the nostalgic movies in one place.”-M.C.

“All of the old movies you have access to.”-E.L.

“All of the movies and series that are on there. And no ads.”-B.E.

“The best feature is the older movies that you can’t find anywhere else.”-E.B.

What is the worst feature?

“The worst feature is that it doesn’t save your watch progress.”-M.C.

“I haven’t used it enough to find a bad feature.”-E.L. 

“You can’t see what you’ve started to watch.”-B.E.

“The worst feature is that you can’t figure out where you left off because it doesn’t automatically go to that place in the show or movie.”-E.B.

Have you come across any issues with performance?

“I haven’t come across any issues.”-M.C.

“There are no issues.”-E.L. 

“Not really. No lagging or anything like that.”-B.E.

“One issue is that the movies don’t upload or work all of the time.”-E.B.

Is it worth the money? 

“It’s definitely worth the money!”-M.C. 


“I am on a free full year trial, but I would say yes because I love Disney, and they have my favorite movies.”-B.E.

“It is worth the money 1000000%.”-E.B.


Clearly these girls have noticed similar things about Disney+, but are enjoying their experience and are satisfied with their purchase. We hope this information helped you!

Happy Pixar movie binging!

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