Every College Student Needs an Erin Condren Planner

Being a college student is like, really hard. You have to make time for school, jobs or internships, clubs, and your friends! Phew, that’s hard enough to say let alone schedule! Seriously, if you’re like me, then trying to keep track of all of those deadlines and dates can be hard!

And, even though I’m very organized, it’s been a struggle to find the best (looking) way to organize all of my to-do lists. But, my life become exponentially easier when I found out about Erin Condren planners.

They’re customizable to the individual, catering to those who just need the least and to those who do the most. Any #planwithme girls out there?

I’m a sucker for a good planner, so when I found the Erin Condren LifePlanner, I know I had found bae, and we’ve been together ever since. If you’re looking for the planner that can do it all, here’s how to get one.

First, go to the the LifePlanner section on Erincondren.com. Once you’re there, click “build your own planner,” which will bring you to a page that allows you to customize everything from the layout itself to the outside over. Here’s how I customized mine!

Step 1: Choosing the cover

The first thing you need to do is choose the color of your planner coil; either platinum, gold, rose gold, or black. Once you’ve done that, then you can choose the cover picture for your planner. You can either chose one already there, or upload a picture that you love! This is what I chose:

Step 2: Personalize

You can chose to skip this step if you’d like, but I find it adds a little bit more individuality, so I always go for it! I chose to add my full name, but you can write anything you want!

Step 3: Pick your layout and theme

Here’s where the process can get a little bit tricky. If you just want a planner for the bare minimum, I’d recommend either the vertical or horizontal option.

But, if you’re looking to really plan out your day, then your best option would be the hourly choice.The layout design is customizable as well, allowing customers to chose what color they’d like. I prefer the monochromatic option, but there is also a colorful one as well!

That’s basically it! Before you can check out, you get to look at some cool accessories that can go with your planner. The stickers make it more fun to plan out your day, so those are always a must-have for me.

However, if you just need a planner to keep your class due dates organized, you might be more interested in the Academic Planner. This planner is entirely customizable and looks just a notebook, without a spiral. For this planner, you don’t customize the inside layout because it’s pretty self-explanatory. I use this planner for my classes, because it lets you fill in everything- from the month, to the dates, to the assignments.


This planner comes in three sections. The first is the monthly overview. The second is the special projects and assignments section which allows you to bookmark the most important projects and exams coming up. The last section is a weekly “due” section that allows you to fill in what you have due for that week.
Check out erincondren.com for more options!