DYK? There’s a Van Gogh Art Exhibit Less Than a Mile From Campus

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most famous artists in the entire world. His work is timeless and a staple in art classes across all ages. While much of his work is on display in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Columbia Museum of Art has gained access to many of his works and is currently displaying them through Jan. 12, so be sure to check it out before the semester ends or if you’re bored during winter break!

The typical cost to enter the Van Gogh exhibit is $15, but if you show them your Carolina Card at the ticket desk, you can get in for $10. Your ticket also gives you access to any other exhibits on display, and there are definitely some other pieces out there to pique your interest. 


The Van Gogh exhibit is breathtaking. It is such an incredible experience to see those pieces of art we learned about during childhood in person. The exhibit is organized in a way that follows the course of Van Gogh’s life. It doesn’t only feature Van Gogh’s works; it also displays many pieces and artists that inspired him as well as art with similar themes. The gallery as a whole is very cohesive and infatuating. 


The exhibit features a timeline that goes through not only Van Gogh’s life, but the influence that his work has had over many years. Among the art is a collection of letters that Van Gogh wrote throughout his life, and there is a station set up for patrons to write their own letters and either leave them behind or send them out to their recipients. 


The museum features a lot of programs that can help make your visit worthwhile, including guided tours on weekends that are free with admission. The time of the tours varies, but you can check on the CMA’s website to get the times so you don’t miss out! They also have events like Arts & Draughts, where music and beer meets arts and crafts. This event costs $10 but includes access to musical and comedic acts, crafts that you can make and take home, and admission into the museum. Plus, drunk arts and crafts sounds like the perfect girls’ night out! 


The other exhibits in the museum host a variety of works with different mediums, including clay, photography and glass. The 2nd floor of the museum is separated into 20 small rooms with different themes, from religious arts to modern pieces. As an added bonus, there are lots of cute photo ops and photography is permitted in all of the exhibits, so you can make all of your friends jealous with your super artsy pics!  

The Van Gogh exhibit won’t be here forever, so grab your girls or a cute date and spend the night looking at amazing art!