Ditch Your Coffee for These Caffeine-Free Energy-Boosting Drinks

1. Lemon Water



This is one of the most simple drinks you can make to replace coffee. Simply squeeze a few slices of lemon into your water. Not only do lemons have natural energy-boosting properties, but if you like the taste of this drink, it will help you stay hydrated.


2. Coconut Water



Coconut water can likely be purchased at your local grocery store. One bottle of Viva Coco’s coconut water sells for $2.48. The carbs and electrolytes found in coconuts are what gives this drink it’s energizing power.


3. Cocoa Powder and Milk



Spoonuniversity.com recommends adding unsweetened cocoa powder to low-fat milk or a protein shake. Since cocoa powder is a natural stimulant, it can give you the kick you need.


4. Pineapple-Carrot-Turmeric Spritzer



Part of what makes this drink so energizing is the enzymes found in pineapples. To make this drink you will need pineapple, carrots, a juicer, turmeric powder, and sparkling mineral water. You can find the whole recipe here


5. Kombucha



What makes kombucha energizing is all the B vitamins and minerals that it contains. Kombucha can be easily at your local grocery store. One bottle of Kevita kombucha can be bought for $2.99 at Target.


6. Smoothies



Smoothie recipes vary greatly. Toss your favorite fruits and leafy greens into a liquid base, such as lemonade, yogurt, or milk, and blend it all together. Leafy greens are high in the iron you need to combat fatigue.


7. Wellness Shot



Turmeric has been shown to reduce levels of fatigue. This magic spice can be incorporated into your morning drink in a recipe here. To make this you will need turmeric, coconut water, ginger, and honey.


8. Detox Water




Detox water has the same energy-boosting ingredients as smoothies- fruits and vegetables. The difference is that the bases used in smoothies tend to be high in sugars and fat. Instead of blending up your ingredients, simply chop up the produce and let it flavor the water naturally.


With so many options to boost your energy, your goal to end your coffee addiction can be completed in a breeze!