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Columbia Checklist: Fishing


Looking for an excuse to get out on the boat this week? It’s Shark Week on Discovery Channel, so join in on the aquatic fun! Here’s a list of Columbia’s popular fishing locations to help you celebrate:

1. Lake Murray


We hope you’ve been working on those arm muscles because Lake Murray holds the state record for several species of fish. This lake is one of the best places in our area to catch bass fish, but you can also snatch up crappie and catfish there as well. Note: If you’re new to the fishing scene, Lake Murray has a list of fishing guides and tours in the area!

2. Saluda River 


Despite our recent 100-degree temperatures, the lower portion of the Saluda River stays cool enough to remain home to many species of trout year-round. Fly fishing is common in the area between the SCE&G dam and the Riverbanks Zoo. The closer to the dam you are, the better luck you will have catching trout! Read more about fishing in the Lower Saluda on Trout Pro’s website.

3. Wateree River Heritage Preserve Wildlife Management


Thanks to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, we have a great public location for fishing and hunting. The Wateree River Heritage Preserve is situated near Eastover, which is approximately thirty minutes from the city center of Columbia. The park is open 7 days a week. More information on this preserve can be found at the SCDNR Public Lands website.

4. Sesquicentennial State Park


Sesqui strikes again! You might recognize this park from our recent article “Best Parks for Outdoor Fun.” This park has everything, fish included! With a total of 30 acres, bass and bream frequent the area. Fishing boat rentals are available for $5/hour or $15/day. Be sure to check all of Sesqui’s regulations before heading out!

5. Catfish Haven


Catfish Haven is a paid pond situated in West Columbia. The cost is $10 per adult with additional pricing on bait. Each ticket is limited to either 20 pounds or five catfish, or 10 brim if you decide to fish for brim instead. You are welcome to catch and release as much as you would like. Their Facebook page is full of recent catches, tips and advice, and more details on the business in general.

6. Gervais Street Bridge


If you’re feeling adventurous, the area under the Gervais Street Bridge is a great place to catch smallmouth bass. It can be a little hard to get to, but it comes highly recommended to us!

Check out the SC DNR website for their resources on regulation information and more. Be sure to watch out for wildlife like snakes and alligators, especially in the Broad River! Also, the fine is pretty steep for fishing without a license so make sure to get one before you head out!

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