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Carolina Cup

When I first got to college, one of the first things I noticed were the weird white spray-painted squares that covered the sidewalks and stairwells of most residence halls. 

Eventually, I learned about the college rite of passage: making coolers.  Now, three coolers three semesters later, I join many college girls and guys heading to Camden, South Carolina in preparation for the 81st annual Carolina Cup. 

College kids from schools all over the area gather in a giant field wearing pastel clothes and ridiculously large hats, painted coolers in tote. Most of them will probably never see a horse.  However, it is an event that everyone gets very excited about. 

This year, Carolina Cup will be Saturday, April 2nd, at the Springdale Race Course. It is definitely an event that every college kid should attend at least once during his or her college career. 

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Katie Mauck

South Carolina

Senior at the University of South Carolina. Currently a Political Science & Spanish major, and loves to serve as a writer and Social Media Director for the South Carolina chapter of Her Campus.
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