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Winter is thawing, birds are singing, and the USC men have pulled out their chubbies to show the world their pale man thighs. It's finally Spring and this could only mean one thing, it's Carolina Cup time! 

This year's Carolina Cup will be held on its home grounds in Camden, South Carolina where families and frat boys will join in on the festivities. Pastels, bow ties, seersucker suits, and oversized floppy hats will flood the field and the majority of USC students will spend their day raising their glasses to the horses they will probably never see. 

Does anyone know exactly what Carolina Cup is? It's much more than a day of dressing up in pearls and pink to party with hundreds of your closest friends. Shocking, I know. Carolina Cup is an annual steeplechase horse race (a distance race with various obstacles) that proudly holds the National Steeplechase Association attendance record of 71,000 spectators. The non-profit organization raises thousands of dollars each year for the Kershaw County Medical Center. 
So even if you end up missing the horses because you got side tracked by what's in your red solo cup, don't feel too bad, because your money went towards a good cause.
It's not too late to secure your spot at South Carolina's "largest outdoor cocktail party," and here's what you need to succeed:
1. A floppy hat
2. A Lilly dress (or something of the sort)
3. A customized painted cooler (preferably filled)
If you've checked off these three requirements, you're guaranteed a good time. Gates open at 9 a.m. Saturday and tickets will be sold at the gates for $45, CASH ONLY. Plug the address into your GPS and be on your way! 
200 Knights Hills Rd
Camden, South Carolina 29020
Stay classy, stay sassy, stay safe!
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