The Best of Hulu for Kick-Ass Girls

Let’s face it: it's fall, which means that the schedule is wake up, go to school and then procrastinate by streaming your favorite show until you pass out after midnight. And, what better way to perk up those evenings cuddled in bed with your laptop and a fuzzy blanket than with some kick-ass feminist media?

1. Broad City- 10/10

Broad City follows two New York women in their early twenties, Abbi and Ilana, as they go about their stunningly mediocre millennial lives. This show is a smart and witty reality check about the trials of young adulthood, and the two main characters are hilarious and lovable characters who strive to bring other women up instead of tearing them down. Truly an excellent show for long late-night binge seshes.

2. Handmaid’s Tale- 10/10

Not as lighthearted and witty as other shows, The Handmaid’s Tale is actually a really fascinating and deep look at the politics surrounding the pro-choice movement, and even moves into the topic of the oppression of women through religion. Set in a dystopian future where only a select few can still have kids, fertile women in America are now captive and treated as property. The main character June fights for her right to control her own reproductive system and be reunited with her family, and the show makes a dark commentary on the entanglement of religion into politics along the way.

3. Brooklyn 99- 8/10

A lot of people have actually already seen Brooklyn 99, and for good reason. B99 is the show for a cast diverse in ethnicity and sexual orientation. Bisexual Latina icon Rosa Diaz is a tough, no-nonsense officer and a strong female character. Amy Santiago seeks to defy expectations and push boundaries by becoming a captain, and as the show progresses, it only increases in the emphasis on the power of confident women.

4. Harlots- 8/10

Harlots is one of those unconventional shows that you wish had gotten more funding. Centered around a family running a brothel in 18th century England, almost the entire cast is an array of strong women who know what they want and who will do anything to get it. Set against the backdrop of the oppression of women in the 18th century, Harlots gives a look into the lives of 18th century sex workers.

5. The Bold Type- 8/10

Though The Bold Type doesn’t portray post-college life in a big city as accurately as shows like Broad City, it still focuses on collage of women dominating the workforce. Journalism students will love this lighthearted look into the lives of the writers, designers and editors of Scarlet magazine. Based on the women working at Cosmo, The Bold Type focuses on girl power, on seizing the day, and most importantly, the bond and friendship that girls should share. Go ahead and sip on that pink wine and eat your ice cream because this show is gonna put you in your feels.

There are so many amazing shows catering to every kick-ass, strong woman—not just on Hulu, but on lots of other streaming platforms as well. The good news is women are continuing to open that door to the representation of real, powerful women all across our TVs and laptops.