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Bernie Sanders Sweeps the West Coast

Over the weekend, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton went head to head in a fight over the West coast.

With Alaska, Washington and Hawaii up for grabs, Sanders (the underdog) ended up sweeping them all. Sanders won Alaska with 81.63 percent of the vote, Hawaii with 69.79 percent, and Washington with 72.72 percent, according to USA Today.

If you haven’t been paying much attention, just know that this is huge. Bernie Sanders is still behind by almost 700 delegates, but there are enough left to give him a chance at a comeback. By winning the west coast, Sanders ultimately proves that he may have enough grit and momentum against Clinton.

Sanders is most notably known for his idea of making public college free for all. This idea in itself has gotten him tremendous support from younger voters.

With Sanders winning the West coast, it’s possible the race is no longer a clear win for Clinton.

Ali is currently a public relations major at the University of South Carolina.
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