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Bachelor Recap and New Bachelorette Revealed

This past week’s episode of the Bachelor was definitely a dramatic one. Aren’t they always? We said goodbye to Kristina and Danielle and lots of tears were shed. This is when the season starts to get really intense and I couldn’t be more excited for hometown dates next week. And here’s hoping that we get to meet Corinne’s nanny (and she shows us how to make that famous cheese pasta).

Danielle showed a whole new side of herself this week. She was always one of the more reserved and quiet ones of the bunch, but when Nick decided to send her home out of lack of feelings and seeing a future with her…she lost it. She sobbed in front of all the girls in the house adn even gave her own pitiful good luck speech. She then sat in front of the camera expressing that she wanted him to walk back in the room so badly. Sorry girlfriend, it’s time to let go.

Corinne’s attempt at making Nick have sex with her in order to secure the rose was denied. When will she learn that there are other ways to win a man’s heart besides using her body? She’s actually been doing better and pulling less manipulative stunts, but this set her back. I want to respect her so bad, but I just don’t know if I’ll ever get there. Anyways, I do see a real connection between her and Nick and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she ends up winning the whole dang thing. Who would’ve thought?

So now we’re left with Corinne, Vanessa, Rachel, and Raven. All solid choices and they all bring their own personal aspect to the show. Right now my top choice is Raven. Her southern charm and rugged innocence is hard not to love. And the fact she hit her ex boyfriend with a stiletto after catching him cheating is pretty undeniably awesome, too.

Last night, some shocking news came out and honestly was a huge spoiler alert. Rachel Lindsay will be the new Bachelorette, but she’s still a contestant on the show and making it to hometown dates? What? Why did they do that? But all spoilers aside – I couldn’t be more happy that Rachel will be the next Bachelorette. I think she’ll do an awesome job. Nick said it best in his Instagram post. At the very least, we can have something to look forward to for next season!

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