7 Random Acts of Kindness Anyone Can Do

 This week Her Campus South Carolina is celebrating Self-Love Week! Here are a few ways you can spread the love to your friends, family and even a random stranger. 

1. Pay for someone’s Starbucks order.

Whether you’re on your morning coffee run or having an afternoon pick-me-up, nothing would brighten someone’s day more than a free cup of coffee. Treat someone behind you in line with the greatest gift of all: a caffeine fix.

2. Leave your roommates positive sticky notes.

Just a little love can go a long way! Write your roommates notes and leave them around the house. The surprise confidence boosters will, without a doubt, help them get through their mid-semester slump.

3. Send an old friend a text or email.

It’s time to catch up with the friends you swore you wouldn’t drift apart from, but inevitably did. Send your BFFs a note saying how much you miss them, and make plans to catch up next time you are both home. Reminiscing about the good ol' days can bring back a lot of fun memories!

4. Make someone a homemade treat.

Now before you groan at the thought of baking and using the oven – it’s not as hard as you think. These days you can buy the cookies that come pre-made and pre-cut, so all you have to do is pop them in the oven. Super easy, but hey, it’s the thought that counts!

5. Leave your server a generous tip.

Being a server is hard and getting good tips is even harder. You should always be nice to your server in a restaurant, that’s a given. But, when a server does something especially well, show your appreciation with a bigger tip than normal. You’ll probably be the best part of their shift and that’s some good karma!

6. Ship someone a care package.

Who doesn’t love getting something in the mail? A surprise care package can be exactly what your sister needs to get through her midterms. Stock up on some sweet treats, magazines, nail polish and top it off with something special from USC (like a t-shirt from Barefoot!). They will love that you thought of them and who knows, maybe they’ll send you one from their school, too!

7. Volunteer.

There are so many opportunities to volunteer in a city like Columbia! You can visit a nursing home, organize donation drives or even spend the day working with kids. No matter what you do, helping others is a fun and easy way to make yourself feel a little better.

Try out a few of these ways (if not all of them) to promote self-love and let us know how it goes. At HCSC, we love promoting self-love, but we love seeing our readers promote it even more!