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6 Ways to Celebrate Single Awareness Day

Being in a relationship can seem like the best thing in the world. While most of your friends are spending $30+ on gifts for their significant others, you can take the money and put it towards something you really want. Or, blow it on two bottles of wine and chocolate chip cookies. So, instead of hating love this Valentine's Day, choose one of these ways to celebrate Single Awareness Day with the one person who you know will always be there: yourself (and your gal pals). 


1. Watch a movie with your girl gang.

This is the easiest and arguably most fun way to celebrate the single life. Invite all your girlfriends over, make some popcorn and put on your favorite movie. A few recommendations: John Tucker Must Die, The Other Woman and Sleepover. Who doesn’t love some girl power?


2. Girl’s Night Out!


Let’s go, GNO. Have a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try? No need to wait for a special occasion. Your girls are special enough! Get dressed up with your roommates and enjoy a night on the town. After you eat, stop by Kaminsky’s Dessert Café for a monster sized piece of cake or signature milkshake that is definitely Insta-worthy. Have your cake and eat it too!


3. Treat yo’ self.

It’s time for a little R&R: rest and relaxation. Nails, toes, blow-out – the works. Visit your favorite salon, like Glowout, for all your spa day needs and post a cute selfie on your Snapchat story when you’re done. Then sit back and wait for the compliments on your new hairdo to come flooding in. There’s nothing like a confidence boost to make you realize boys are over-rated anyway


4. Stuff your face.


Grab the chocolate, pizza and boxed wine. It’s time for a good old-fashioned pig out. With all the hard work you’ve been putting in with classes, your friends, and desperately trying to stick to your gym habit, you deserve a cheat day! Just don’t overdo it, a sugar rush is fun but the crash can be worse than that Sunday morning hangover.


5. Set up a single girl gift exchange.

Just like Secret Santa, set a price limit with ten of your closest friends and trade little gifts with each other. This is an easy way to treat your friends and show them how much you appreciate their friendship, without breaking the bank. Bonus: have each girl bring a bottle of wine to drink after all the gifts have been traded!


6. Whatever the heck you want!

You are a strong, independent woman that don’t need no man. So start acting like it! While your gal pals might be having a romantic night with the “love of their life” or on a first date with a crush, appreciate the fact that this can be a fun day to focus on the most important person in your life: YOU.   

You go girl, do you. 

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