6 Things You Need to Know About Going to USC

When you toured USC you probably fell in love with the culture, campus and tons of opportunities available. The University of South Carolina is an amazing school—they don’t call Columbia the “City of Dreams” for nothing. But there's definitely some insider details that any USC newcomer needs to learn, so here are six tips for living life at USC that you should know before the year gets in full swing.

1. It's going to be hot and humid for a long time

Southerners might know this already, but a northerners and westerners are in for a shock. Summer in South Carolina is long, wet, and hot. Expect humidity and high temperatures until October. Bonus though, you'll never be freezing in your Halloween costume!

2. Dress comfortably for class

In high school you might have planned outfits and came too class looking on point every day, but college is completely different. The majority of students dress for comfort at USC, partially because of the heat and partially because of how big the campus is. Whatever your reason, it makes life a lot easier. Definitely don't be adverse to sneakers either; your feet will thank you.

3. Always bring a water bottle

With high temperatures and long walks to class, a water bottle will be your saving grace. You will see almost every student at USC carrying around a water bottle, and a lot of them are covered in stickers. Camelbaks and S'well bottles are some favorites of USC students..

4. The shuttles will be your best friend or your worst nightmare

USC’s campus is huge, so they provide shuttles to help make going to class easier. However, the shuttle system has a mind of its own. While there is an app to check the shuttle times, it can be very unreliable. Definitely give yourself some extra time to either catch the next shuttle or quickly walk to class—just in case.

5. Saturdays are for football

When there is a home game, you can’t expect to do anything besides football. Saturdays here are dedicated to the sport. Not only does everyone attend, watch, or tailgate the game, but Columbia directs traffic and messes up the roads all day. Tip: don't even bother driving. Instead walk to a shuttle and get dropped off at the stadium. They have shuttles available near Greek Village and Russell House

6. Don’t EVER wear orange

Everyone knows that colleges have rivals, but don't underestimate the power of the USC-Clemson rivalry. You can't even wear an orange shirt without people looking at you like you are crazy. This rivalry is one of the oldest and strongest rivalries in college football history, so it's pretty serious, but also fun becasue it definitely makes campus feel united. Our advice: don’t bring anything orange with you to USC, it's just a waste of closet space!