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6 Budget-Friendly Makeup Brands to Obsess Over

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to satisfy those new-makeup cravings without even having to worry about the blow on our budget. Unfortunately, sometimes we just can’t push ourselves to drop $85 on a Tom Ford eyeshadow quad. Luckily, there are tons of great makeup brands that really focus on getting the most bang for your buck.

1. Colourpop

Products range from $5 for an eyeshadow pot to $26 for palettes.

Colourpop started out as a small, LA-based, online-only indie makeup brand. But, with its amazing products for such low prices, Colourpop has been growing and expanding, even recently being featured in Ulta stores. 

Colourpop has every product you could want, from its famous Super Shock Shadows to brush lines, from award-winning palettes to its new line of Lux Lipsticks, from brow products to everyone’s new favorite concealer. If you’re looking for extremely pigmented, high-quality products for a low price, consider Colourpop! Plus, if you sign up with your email, you get $5 off a $10 order, which is almost like getting free shipping!

2. Fyrinnae

Products range from $2.95 for a jar of loose eyeshadow to $9 for highlighters.

Although Fyrinnae is much less known than Colourpop, this brand has equally high-quality products for a similar price range. Fyrinnae carries lines of gorgeous dual-chrome loose shadows and lipsticks, satisfying all your fairytale wishes.

The best part of Fyrinnae? Their mini eyeshadow jars are only $2.95 and last forever. Plus, they’ll send you a free mini jar of loose eyeshadow with each purchase. However, be prepared to wait quite a bit for your order. The website states that orders are normally shipped within 5-12 calendar days, but the time frame is subjected to increase.

3. Essence Cosmetics

Products range from $2-$10.

Essence Cosmetics is a brand you can find both online and in the drugstore section of Ulta. Though not as high-quality and long-lasting as slightly more expensive brands, Essence’s lines of eyeshadows, lip glosses and brow products are an extremely good bargain.

One of the best things about Essence Cosmetics is that their website offers free shipping on orders above $15, which makes it super easy to load up on all your favorite nail colors or liquid eyeshadows!

4. BH Cosmetics

Products range from $4 for face products to $18 for palettes.

A personal favorite, BH Cosmetics might seem a bit more expensive than previously mentioned brands. Though it definitely is for some products, the website almost always has sales that involve free shipping, drastically lowered prices or free gifts. BH’s eyeshadow palettes are stunningly pigmented for their low prices, and their highlighter palettes are literally to die for.

A lot of Beauty bloggers have used BH Cosmetics products to dupe high-end products from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Sephora, etc. Plus, if you sign up with your email, you get 20% off and free domestic shipping!

5. Coastal Scents

Products range from $1.95 for single eyeshadows to $15.

Coastal Scents is the home of fully customizable, inexpensive palettes. With over 100 single eyeshadows and a similar number of single blushes, all of which can be inserted into separately sold palettes, you can create that perfect, personalized color story you’ve always wanted in a palette. Plus, there are constant sales which can lower prices to as low as 99 cents for a single eyeshadow, making it possible to create your own 12-color mirrored eyeshadow palette for only $15.

Coastal Scents also has lines of its own curated palettes and brush sets, as well as products such as oils and soaps. A perfect brand for your budget! Plus, each order comes with stickers!!

6. Miss A

Everything’s $1!!

ShopMissA claims to be the premier online makeup dollar store. They carry tons of products from other brands, but they also house their own line, which is called the AOA Studio Line. The AOA line ranges from liquid lips to setting powders to BB creams, most of which are all only a dollar! 

ShopMissA also carries a ton of $1 accessories, including socks and makeup bags! It has been featured in Allure as one of the best online makeup stores, and it’s not hard to tell why!

Check out these amazing brands next time you’re looking for a ~cheap~ beauty haul. 

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