5 Reasons Why Clemson is Still ClemSUX

After a bitter rivalry game, it's time for us to remember that win or lose...Clemson is still the worst. So perk up, because regardless of the score, there are still plenty of reasons why it's great(er) to be a gamecock.

1. Their colors are ORANGE and PURPLE

Possibly the two ugliest colors on the planet…and they put them together.

2. They are in the ACC

We are in the SEC. Case closed.

3. Death Valley is in Louisiana

Can you say "knock off"

4. We were here first

1801 came before 1889. It’s simple math…for USC students.

5. Their mascot is a very unintimidating tiger

It actually makes a glorified chicken look scarier.

To sum it up: we'll take Gamecocks over Tigers any day.