5 Reasons to Ditch Florals This Spring

Spring is the air and if you haven’t daydreamed about your cute outfits for spring break, what are you doing? Seriously, time has been wasted during those countless lectures spent scrolling through fashion websites, with the one thing that’s always featured this time of year, you guessed it, florals. It’s on everything and the only thing making us sicker than the sight of them is the heavy coat of pollen all over campus. Here are five reasons why we’re over the fashion trend.

1. It’s uncreative and predictable.

“Wow, florals for spring!”, said no one ever. Listen, you can’t tell us you’re surprised when another model struts it down the runaway in a floral ensemble. The fashion trend has become a safety net for all designers out there, and yes, we’re finally calling you out on it. Give us something new – and no, sticking flowers on a headband is still not creative enough for us.

2. It’s overdone.

Imagine walking into your favorite store, pushing one hanger after the other and every single article of clothing has flowers either pinned or printed. Cue in the frustrated groan before dramatically marching out like the queens we are. Listen, we get it. Florals are an every spring kind-of-deal, but does literally every single warm weather fashion item need them? From dresses to shoes to embroidered jeans? Enough is enough!

3. The patterns are exhausted.

Nothing is more vertigo-inducing than that floral maxi-dress we have hidden away in the corner of our closet. More times than not, it looks as if the designs were slapped onto the fabric without any strategic placement or relief for your eyes. We’d opt for dizzying geometric patterns over florals any day.

4. Sometimes we look like a grandma.

Nothing against you, grandma, but c’mon. We’re just trying to live our best lives here and florals just don’t cut it anymore. The overall busy designs just take away so much from the entire ensemble. We honestly don’t know how models do it, but fit us in the same pieces, and it’s just a recipe for a 1960’s style disaster.

5. We’re tired of the flowers equal renewal BS.

The only time we let ourselves close to drastically changing our lives (or just thinking about it) is reserved for New Year’s Day only. And, while we should be checking up on those resolutions around this time of year, the whole spring is meant for rebirth through floral propaganda is unconvincing. We know we’re blossoming into awesome, strong women and we’re going to celebrate making it through the semester by cracking a cold one with the girls, not flaunting florals.

So if it hasn’t been reiterated enough, floral is out of the question this spring. Just try something new, be bold!