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4 Types of Roommates You Will Encounter in College

Something that many look forward to when coming to college is having a roommate. Whether you choose to live with your best friend or go out on a limb and live with someone completely random, there’s no telling what may occur during your years of having a roommate. Here are four types of roommates you will encounter in college:

1. The Ghost

This roommate is rarely heard or seen. You might as well be living alone sometimes because this girl never comes home. The only signs that she’s still alive come from Red Bull cans in the trash can every other morning.  She could be really involved on campus, at work, burying herself in the library, or God knows where. The ghost roommate is a blessing and a curse. Having a quiet home to come home to all the time can be nice; however, it can also get really lonely at times. Nobody wants to be alone all the time.

2. The Undercover Slob

What’s done in the dark always comes to light. The slob usually comes as a surprise to their roommates. She could very well have been one of your very close friends.  It seemed like she would be a good roommate but once you actually moved in together, things changed. She doesn’t pitch in to keep the common areas clean and every time you get a glance at the inside of her room, you cringe and think, “How does she live like that?”

3. The Drama Queen

Nobody likes a drama queen!  There’s always a fiasco taking place because this roommate can’t keep her emotions in check. Every week, it’s something new and you’re stuck consoling your emotional wreck of a roommate ensuring her that everything is going to be ok and that no, everybody does not hate her.

4. The Moocher

Having to compromise definitely comes with having roommates. Sure, you have to share some things to save money; but sometimes you want to buy things just for you. Sooner or later, you will encounter a roommate who is simply a moocher. She thinks she’s entitled to everything that you own. From your cereal to the new dress you just ordered online, she’s always trying to get a piece of something that you have.  This has got to be one of the most annoying roommates ever. After all, you signed up for a roommate, not a child or a spouse.


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