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13 Stages Of Going To Class As Told By The Office

Class itself is hard enough, but sometimes it seems like the trek there is an even bigger struggle:

1. Ugh so not in the mood to do anything.

2. Already late. Awesome.

3. Seriously!? Every red light?

4. Now to park…

5. 20 min later… still looking… HA! Finally.

6. Aaand I have zero quarters… YOLO

7. Trying to maneuver around people.

8. Is it really necessary to walk that slowly?

9. Oh, look! Someone just tripped on a brick HAHA!

10. AGH!… I just tripped on a brick.

11. Ok, only four flights of stairs then I’m there.

12. Yes! I made it! Wait… where is everyone?

13. *checks email* “Class cancelled today”

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Reilly Tuccinard

South Carolina

Reilly Tuccinard is a University of South Carolina graduate with a love of writing, reading and learning. After spending two years as the Beauty Editor for Her Campus Media and the Editor-in-Chief of HC South Carolina, she is focusing on a career in creative strategy. Friends will tell you she's a a self-proclaimed Grey's Anatomy addict, she can't just watch a movie once and she is a firm believer in anything and everything chocolate. 
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