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10 Last Minute Things to Pack for Spring Break

Hotels are booked, plans are finalized and spring break is so close that you can taste it. Yet there’s still one step that is between you and that warm sun and salty ocean breeze… packing. So whether you already have your outfits planned or you’re procrastinating until the night before (#guilty), avoid wishing you had remembered that ~one~ thing by checking out this list before heading out for that much-needed vacation.

1. Dry Shampoo

Days at the beach can be long and exhausting, so by the time you get back to the hotel, shampooing your hair may not be a top priority. Bring a can of dry shampoo to save your hair and effortlessly transform your look from beach day to a night out.

2. After Sun Lotion

When your body is so burnt that you’re radiating heat, after sun lotion is a life-saver. Lather up as soon as you get back from the beach to soothe your poor burning skin and save that tan. Plus, the Hawaiian Tropic Coconut Papaya After Sun lotion smells amazing, so it’s a win-win.

3. Refillable Water Bottle

While water may not be the spring break drink of choice, it’s still super important.  Skip having to buy a case of water and pack a refillable water bottle to rehydrate in between drinks.  Because let’s be honest – nothing beats an ice cold water when you’re frying in the sun. 

4. Oversized Beach Blanket

Make your beach days a little more comfortable (and insta-worthy) with a super cute beach blanket.

5. Koozies

Nothing beats a nice warm drink on the beach… said no one ever. Keep your drink of choice ice cold by throwing a couple of Koozies in your beach bag. 

6. Portable Charger

V important y’all!!! Long days on the beach are great until your phone dies in the middle of the day and you’re left contemplating a trip back to the hotel to recharge.  Plug in a portable charger at night and grab it on your way out in the morning to ensure that your phone survives the long days (and nights).

7. Baby Powder

If you’re tired of finding sand in your car, baby powder is a go-to.  By sprinkling some powder on your feet and legs (or let’s be real, your entire body), you can immediately get rid of that impossibly sticky sand. How does it work? The baby powder removes the moisture from your skin and makes it super easy to be sand-free by the time you leave the beach. Life hack!

8. Sweatshirt

While you’re packing bikinis and summer outfits, don’t forget to throw in a sweatshirt for chilly nights and the extra windy days on the beach.  A cute sweatshirt is also an essential for those days where you get too burnt and need to give your skin a little break from the sun.

9. Lip Balm with SPF

When you go to the store to grab some sun screen, it’s v important to remember to protect your lips too. Pick up a chapstick with SPF in it to avoid burnt lips after a long day at the beach. Plus, there’s an endless amount of options from almost every brand, so you can be sure that you’ll find an awesome scent that will keep you wanting to reapply all day.

10. Plastic Bag for your Phone

Skip the water damage and sand in all the buttons on your phone by packing a couple plastic bags in your beach bag. A true lifesaver, these bags will protect your phone from all of your spring break festivities.

Pack these necessities in your beach bag to make sure that you have everything you need for the perfect vacation. You survived midterms so go out there and enjoy some good times and R&R. Happy spring break!

Katie Graybill

South Carolina '20

Katie is a journalism student at the University of South Carolina. She loves the beach, traveling, writing, and spending time with her pets!
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