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Treats for Yourself on V-Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sonoma chapter.

Valentine’s Day is upon us. That pink-toned, heart-shaped, glitter-coated, heteronormative vomit-fest of love. Thanks for reminding me of how single I am, Hallmark.

BUT! Who says you have to have another person to celebrate with? Who says you need another person to shower in love? WHO SAYS SOMEONE NEEDS TO SHOWER YOU WITH PINK HEART SHAPED SHIT?!?

Nobody. Fuck society.

Be. Your. Own. Valentine. 2017 is the year of self-love! So if you want, make this Valentine’s Day all about you. Love yourself. Treat yourself. Here are some ideas for what to get for the love of your life (you).


Some DAMN lingerie! Shoot babe. Even if no one else is seeing you wear it, get you something cute that makes your body look bomb and makes you feel bomb inside. https://www.victoriassecret.com/lingerie/shop-all-lingerie/lace-peek-a-boo-teddy-very-sexy?ProductID=324557&CatalogueType=OLS

2. Or, if you’re not the lingerie type, get you a cute comfy PJ set, or a silky robe!



Wear it to your girl gang’s next sleepover and just let the compliments raaaaain down.




CANDLES. They’re an amazing and super easy way to up your self-care game. They lift your mood and make you feel like you’re doing something nice for yourself! Especially specialty candles. Inspired by geeky stuff like tv shows and books. This one is from Etsy store Frostbeard, and it’s inspired by Doctor Who!!! (they also have wax melts FYI)


Alternately, go buy a couple from Target. They are literally always on sale.


Some DAMN cute slippers!! These little feet buddies light up. You heard me. They’re a little ridiculous, but fuck it, you’re an adult and you can do this.



Go old school with flowers! You can’t go wrong. And, if you buy them yourself, you won’t accidentally get a bouquet with flowers that you are allergic to! Bonus!


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I'm Suzie, and I'm a senior at Sonoma State University! I'm a Peer Mentor, a member of SSU's Equestrian team, cat lover, tea drinker, avid book reader. I'm an anthropology major pursuing a career in higher education and student affairs as an advocate for student programs with a focus on diversity, mental health, and sexual assault awareness. I'm excited to gain experience learning about and raising awareness of current campus issues through writing for HerCampus!
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