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Summer Survival Kit

Summer is upon us and its going to be a hot one! Its time to enjoy the time off from the school year and learn to make some me time. You may have seen us tabling outside of the student center giving away some fun goodies to passers by. 

One of the favorites was the Pure Silk Shaving Cream, with a rasberry scent. It smells absolutely delicious and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. It also is rust-proof, so it doesn’t leave that gross ring in the shower that nobody likes! 

Another fun product was the Monthly Gift little black boxes. They were discreet black boxes filled with tampons, pads, and liners. They are perfect to keep in your backpack, purse, suitcase, whereever! The bigger boxes even come with a little piece of chocolate to satisfy those period cravings. 

The most coveted item in the survival kit was given away as a part of our social media giveaway. Four lucky winners received a Forge® Divide Travel Mug by Camelbak. It is an insulated bottle that seals to prevent leaks and spills. Its perfect for travelling, hiking, or just for having at your desk. You can throw it in any bag and not worry about it spilling in your bag! It also comes in a variety of colors, but our favorite was the blue!

Yet another special gift was the Vera Bradely accordian wallet and blanket. These gifts will leave you looking stylish as you head to the beach, the lake, or the pool! Go get your feet wet and don’t be afraid to show off your goodies!

We hope everyone has an amazing summer! Check back in with us when school starts for more fun gifts, games, and articles! 

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Carly is one of the CCs for Sonoma State University, and she is majoring in communications and minoring in sociology. She grew up in southern California, and even though she misses the warm beach, she really enjoys living in wine country in northern CA. She has always had a passion for writing and is so grateful that Her Campus allows her to share that love and encourage others to join in the fun.
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