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Spring Break Survival Kit 2016

We are always about free stuff: t-shirts, make up, bags, food. Anything we are pretty much a fan of anything free. Her Campus blessed us with Spring Break Survival Kit. A blessing, but it unfortunately presented itself after our spring break had already passed. Our solution? Pass out the goodies after Spring Break, so here is what we did:

We tabled, and with the tabling event we had a game of Ring toss (I personally suck at them, but I surprisingly succeeded). If you succeeded at the ring toss you won a smaller prize and was prompted to stay tuned for a Social Media challenge.


My favorite prizes at the table?


I am awkward at putting it on, and it usually takes me 5ever, but this Milani Eyeliner (comes in an array of colors) is worth the time. Spring is the perfect time for courageous makeup, and people look into your eyes all the time. Adding some sparkle or some extra color to your eyelids adds an extra air of classy.

Zip ID Case

I love these Vera Bradley Zip ID Cases. They are perfect for the twenty-one year olds in the house. I can put some cash and all my cards in one place and stick it in my back pocket. These are a perfect addition to your spring wardrobe. If you can access one, snatch it up real quick.


There was a sample of their new Beauty-Full Collection. It includes a pre-wash conditioner and a shampoo. This new line leaves you with hair that bounces and shines. Isn’t that everyone’s dream?


These little cranberry gummies give you the power to clean your urinary tract. Spring break or not, no one wants a UTI! 

The additional products and prizes were all amazing and the ladies and gentlemen who stopped by the table had a blast playing the game. Keep an eye out for another Her Campus tabling and you might be able to win some yourself!

To win some super cool prizes like a Vera Bradely bag, follow us on Instagram @HCSonomastate for more details! 

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