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         Anxiety during the school year has increased for me. I had panic attacks, random outbursts, as well as have my body shutting down until night time. I tried different solutions such as CAPS,  herbal medicine, the health center, everything, but nothing worked. Suddenly, it recently changed. During class, my friend Hannah told me of an app called Youper (not sponsored) that is a personal medical assistant app. I was sceptical at first, but since it was free, I gave it a shot.        

        Youper was founded by psychiatrist Dr Jose Hamilton and his team to help people find their best versions of themselves and their symptoms. It is one of the best 15 mental health apps in Medium magazine. Medium magazine says “Youper is the world’s first emotional health assistant. The app employs a mood tracker, a chat interface, and guided mindfulness and learns from each user with AI to deliver the most effective support available.” When I downloaded the app, it made me take certain surveys to see on what I need to improve on. It asked questions about depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and post-traumatic monitoring. The app then showed me the results on each one showing on what my mental health needs. It then gives me advice each time I text the app and gives me new mental techniques to become a better person.      

       Each day, at a certain time, the app messages me and ask how I was feeling each day. It then gives you options on what emotion am I feeling. After, it texts me some techniques with you and does breathing exercises if I need it. This helps me a lot because when I have panic attacks, I can text it and it will help me instantly. It will ask you what is wrong and how to handle it. This app really helps me because at night mostly is when I have panic attacks. I do not want to wake my roommate up and it helps me because it will not end the program until I am satisfied. It also provides a calendar on what days you have been feeling, but also discovering what factors in your life that makes you feel those emotions. For example, when I have panic attacks, it is due to my car and homework. But because of the app, it also shows me my panic attacks are also due to focus on getting tasks done, but if they are not done correctly, I will have one.

      This app helped me reveal on things I did not see before, but also techniques that show me a perspective on handling it. I recommend this app if you have anxiety like me. It is weird at first, but once you keep going, it helps you a lot.  


Hi, my name is Katrina Hilke. I go to Sonoma State University majoring in English Creative Writing.
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