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Profile: Jenna Valle-Riestra

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sonoma chapter.

Jenna Valle-Riestra is, without a doubt, one of the busiest and most baddass Seawolves at Sonoma. From mentoring freshmen to jetting off to New York and Washington DC, she’s always up to something. We are endlessly proud of our friend and Editor, and if anyone deserves a special shout-out, it’s Jenna!


HC: Hi Jenna! Thanks for talking with us girl. So to start off, where are you from and what year are you?

JVR: Hi HC! I’m from Walnut Creek, California, and I am a third year at Sonoma State. (Technically I’m a senior but whatevs). (HC note: cough overachiever cough)


HC: What is your major?

JVR: Communications and media studies with a minor in political science.


HC: Tell me, what are you Involved in on campus?

JVR: Oh boy, brace yourself. I am a peer mentor for the COMS Freshman Learning Community, Editor for HC, Model UN delegate, Koret Scholar, and member of Phi Sigma Sigma and Recruitment Chair on the Panhellenic Executive Board. I am also a campus editor for LinkedIn, a teaching assistant for Coms 202, general manager of Primitivo Public Relations, and I work in Career Services!


HC: Dang girl take a breath. WHat has been your proudest moment of this year?

JVR: Definitely when I got the Panetta Fellowship! It’s a three month internship in DC, where I will be working for a member of Congress.


HC: (why is she so cool) That’s amazing! So what is your favorite thing about Sonoma?

JVR: I love all the opportunities that there are for campus involvement. Those are the things that have made me who I am today.


HC: What’s your favorite part about being a peer mentor?

JVR: Being able to help freshmen through their stuff! Haha but actually, it’s amazing being able to be there for them through tough times. I love watching them grow and change into real college students!


HC: Awwww. So what do you like to do in your (very limited) free time?

JVR: Ha, what free time. I like to hang out with my friends! I like going to Shari’s and goofing off, just hanging out and relaxing.

HC: That sounds great, we should do that sometime. We love you Jenna! <3

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