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Profile: Casey Rogers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sonoma chapter.

Senior Spotlight on Casey Rogers! She’s active in school clubs, outdoors, and in her career. We asked her about her expereince at SSU and here’s what she said:

Her Campus: What’s your favorite on campus thing to do? Casey Rogers: My favorite campus activity would be going to LOBOs and hanging out with my friends!

HC:  are you involved in any clubs or associations on campus? CR: I am a member of Gamma Phi Beta and the philosophy club!

HC:  What year are you?  CR: A senior

HC: Will you be graduating this semester? And do have any advice for underclassmen?

CR: Yes, I will be graduating this May. I would say to pack on the school load in the first three years so you can go easier in your senior year. You’ll want to just have fun and not have to be stressed out so much by classes. Plus, the senioritis will kick in and you won’t want to open another school book or read another online article.


HC: What is your major?

CR: Philosophy with a focus on criminal justice


HC:  Have you had any experience living on campus?… If so tell us about it.  CR: Yes, i lived on campus my freshman and sophomore year. I lived in sauv and beauj! I really liked it while I was there, but now living off campus is much better for me.


HC:  What do you plan to do after graduation? CR: I am planning on traveling and doing some nonprofit work. I would eventually like to come back and apply for law schools!


HC:  What do you like to do in free time? CR: I like to go on hikes and hang out with my friends. I have been going to Taylor Mountain a lot between classes, which is a nice break!


HC:  Are you working? And where? CR: I work at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. I am part of the birthday party staff for little kids. I work part time in addition to my philosophy internship that I am doing this semester.


HC: How do you like being in a sorority? What are the highlights?  CR: I enjoy it a lot! I have had the opportunity to meet so many people and gain life long friends. I love going to sisterhoods and overnights where I can just relax and hang out with my sisters. 


HC: What’s one secret spot on campus that you love  CR: Theres an outside patio in the library that I enjoy sitting at when the weather is nice!


She has big dreams for her future and we wish her all the best! Thank you Casey for an awesome interview.


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