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Profile: Carly Saber

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sonoma chapter.

Carly Saber is a senior at Sonoma State and only has a month left until graduation! She will graduate with a BA in Communications and a minor in Sociology. She has been very involved on campus and she is Her Campus’ very own president! We have gotten to know her pretty well, but we thought we would ask her some questions and get to know her a little better before she goes off into the real world 

Her Campus: How long ago did you start Her Campus at SSU? Carly Saber: I launched Her Campus in February of 2016 with a ton of help from our vice president Sara Wildman! 

HC: How do you know Sara? CS: She is actually my big in AGD! I joined AGD my sophomore year and met her during recruitment. We have so much in common and got along right away. I was so excited when I found out she was my big! We have gotten really close over the years and I knew she would be the perfect person to help me start something new and exciting at Sonoma State. 

HC: Have you had any leadership roles in your sorority? CS: I was a late bloomer in picking up a position in AGD. But when I finally did, it was incredible. I was chosen to be one of two of the Lip Jam 2017 Coordinators. This is an event on campus where almost all the Greek organizations participate. Each team puts together a 4-5 minute lip sync/dance routine. It’s a huge show in the GMC and we raise a huge amount of money for our philanthropy. It was a honor to be a part of something so great and that has such an impact on our community. 

HC: What attracted you to Her Campus in the first place? CS:  I got an email from our COMS department that was from headquarters saying that SSU didn’t have a chapter and to apply if you wanted to start it. I had definitely heard of Her Campus but wasn’t sure what it was exactly. So I headed to the site and immediately fell in love. It was so open and honest and all about girl empowerment. What’s not to love?

HC: What are your plans for after graduation? CS: Ah, the question of the year. I am currently at an internship for event planning and absolutely love it. I am hoping to continue with this company and learn the ropes of both corporate and wedding event planning. 

HC: Any last advice from a senior? CS: Honestly, I know it’s cliche, but college and especially Sonoma State is all about getting out of it what you put in. Opportunities will present themselves, but if you don’t put yourself out there and go for it- nothing is going to happen. Be bold, be brave, and have fun. Join a club, start a club, do whatever you can to be involved and to find your niche. It’s there, you just have to find it!

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I'm Suzie, and I'm a senior at Sonoma State University! I'm a Peer Mentor, a member of SSU's Equestrian team, cat lover, tea drinker, avid book reader. I'm an anthropology major pursuing a career in higher education and student affairs as an advocate for student programs with a focus on diversity, mental health, and sexual assault awareness. I'm excited to gain experience learning about and raising awareness of current campus issues through writing for HerCampus!
Carly is one of the CCs for Sonoma State University, and she is majoring in communications and minoring in sociology. She grew up in southern California, and even though she misses the warm beach, she really enjoys living in wine country in northern CA. She has always had a passion for writing and is so grateful that Her Campus allows her to share that love and encourage others to join in the fun.