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How to spice up your living space for spring

Spring is finally here! It is time to bring out the color back into your life. You should want to fill your living space with items and objects that can fulfill enjoyment to this season. Here are 10 Tips to Spice up your living space for Spring:

1.     Plants

Green is in this Spring, which means plants! Adding the plants to your life can promote growth this season. There plant variety is high, so picking what fits your aesthetic and personality will be easy. Whether it is a flower arrangement, succulents, or cacti, the bright colors beyond green and smell will bring a smile to your face and that can make spring blossom in your home.

2.      Upcycle Current Furniture

Just by changing the color of the furniture can change the appearance of the whole room. Vibrant colors that are placed in other parts of the room will help stand out. Transforming your wardrobe or dresser will be a bold move and out of your comfort zone, but worthwhile.

3.     Be Creative

Nothing screams home like creating your own décor in your home.  Adding a Do It Yourself décor will give your space a personalized touch, especially knowing that no one has this kind piece. Creating a painting or flower wreath are a way to spruce up the walls.

4.     Adding Bright Pillows

Bold colors are in this season and a way to slowly introduce it into your space is through pillows. Pillows are a simple décor piece that can be added to chairs, sofas, or the bedroom.

5.     Candles

Scents fill up the air when you walk into a room. When thinking of spring, flowery or fresh should come to mind. Enhancing your space with different scented candles bring life to the room. The design of the candle can also double as décor on your dresser or shelf.

6.     Spring Cleaning

The holiday parties are now officially over, so this is the best time to do a deep clean in your space. Cleaning cabinets, shelves and windows are long overdue. Spend a weekend going through all the nook and crannies to open your and have light shine through your space.

7.     Rearrange Furniture

Moving furniture around is a way to change the focal point of the room and brings opportunity to feel change immediately. Spicing this part up will make a difference in the your space and is recommended.

8.     A rug

Adding a rug to your carpet can bring multiple colors come together throughout your space or add more depth and dimension to your floor. It will make it more cozy and livable place to live in.

9.    Tidy up the clutter

Go through the old magazine stack, mail and clothes and do a little purge to clear up the space. Getting rid of any buildup of items that you might hoard will give your space a more minimal approach. This is an opportunity to get rid of things that you know you will not need in the future.

10.  Pick A Playlist

Having a playlist for the season that you are entering to set the mood. Fill it with music that provide joy to your life, regardless of the genre. This playlist can be used as a time to unwind and relax in your newly spiced up living space.

Teresa Gulli

Sonoma '19

My name is Teresa Gulli and I am a writer for the Her Campus at the Sonoma State University Chapter.
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