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Make a list

Honestly the most helpful thing you can do when you have a lot of shit to get done is write EVERYTHING down.  Write down exactly what you need to do during the day. Maybe you don’t want to plan out your entire life, but it helps to plan out a few hours so you don’t get totally sidetracked.


Carve out time for your social life

It’s fine to go out for a quick bite with friends!  Some fresh air is good for you.  So is an episode of Friends, or a shower.



Just do it.  Your grades, roommates, and body will thank you later.


Go to the library

If you think you’re actually going to get work done if you try and write an essay or study for a test in your dorm room, you’re just lying to yourself!!


Don’t be afraid to say no to plans

Now some people may not have as many things to do as you do, or they can just get them done a lot faster, so they might want to go out and do shit.  But like, you still have 3 more pages to write and a final to study for, and 3 weeks worth of laundry to do.  Remember that it’s fine to go grab some froyo, but I wouldn’t recommend agreeing to go to the city for the day.  I know this is probably pretty hard, but think of all the fun you’ll have after you get all your shit done.

Second year at SSU. Hobbies of mine include Photography, Writing, and Singing in the shower.
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