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Fall Up, Summer Down

Summer Sucks. Sorry not sorry.

There’s a lot of reasons I don’t like summer. The main one is that heat is the worst. It’s easier to stay warm than it is to cool down. I’m not comfortable in crop tops, short shorts, bathing suits, or any of the likes. I know I’m not the only girl who’s in this boat. I burn easily, I hate sweat, and I’m broke so I certainly can’t afford to take a lavish vacation. So I repeat: summer sucks.

But then there’s Fall; beautiful, cold, pumpkin-filled Fall.

Here is a list of all the reasons I absolutely adore Fall, and if I don’t persuade you to the chilly side, hopefully I’ll at least make you laugh:

1. Fall Fashion.

Boots. Scarves (SCARVES!). Leggings. Cute jackets. Sweatshirts. Long jeans. Cute socks (preferably with cats on them). I could list so many more. Fall fashion is when comfort and cute stuff combine. Not only is it appropriate to wear frumpy clothes, it’s fashionable. What is there not to love?

2. Halloween.


I don’t need to explain this one. Free candy, dressing up like a dingus, and Hocus Pocus do the explaining for me.

3. Leaves.

I love painting them, looking at them, stomping on them, throwing them, taking pictures with them, and looking on Pinterest for different ways to use them in crafts. The changing of colors and the falling of leaves bring me peace and happiness in a way that sweat and screaming children who should be in school cannot.

Rare footage of me when one leaf falls:

4. Pumpkin.

I do not care if you think this is stereotypical; don’t make fun of people for liking things that are good. Pumpkin is delicious and sweet and all things great. Fellow pumpkin lovers: don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thing.

5. All other fall flavors.

Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, cinnamon, apple, and nutmeg for example. These flavors begin to fill my Pinterest board and suddenly I am stoked to spend hours in a kitchen.

6. Thanksgiving

This is a highly underrated holiday. Not only do we get to see our families, but we get (just about) a week off of school and society doesn’t blame us for stuffing our faces. Thanksgiving is a cornucopia of great.

See? Fall (or if I’m feeling fancy, Autumn) is so much better than Summer. So hopefully I’ve converted you, but if I haven’t, don’t kill my Fall vibes.

Rebecca Robinson is a full-time student at Sonoma State University studying Political Science with a minor in Philosophy. She's a political enthusiast, over-thinker, and avid Netflix user. Originally from San Jose, Rebecca is a proud Niners Fan and Orange Sauce Connoisseur. If she isn't studying or writing, she's reading inspirational quotes on the internet, procrastinating, or begging her cats to love her.
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