The Cleaning Addict


I am a cleaning addict. I admit it. I cannot handle things being misplaced or dirty for a day. If I see a cup that has not been used for an hour, I will grab it, wash it, and put it in the dishwasher. If I see the floor with crumbs, I will stop whatever I am doing and sweep and wash the whole entire floor. People think it's a blessing to have a roommate who loves to clean, but you are wrong. My roommates love it, but get annoyed because when I asked them to clean something, I want them to do it that instant instead of waiting. It’s a blessing, but also a curse.


It all started when I was little, my father, wanted everything to be clean. If he asks me to clean, he would want me to get up and get it done that instant instead of waiting. He would also get bothered if I do not clean it correctly. “Just give it to me.” he would always tell me when I clean wrong. My father would always take over and make me watch him so next time I won’t make the same mistake again. For example, when I wipe the kitchen counter, you believe going in circles with a towel is correct, right? Wrong. My father showed me that you must wipe the counter by pushing the towel to the sink. That way the food crumbs from the counter can go into the sink and not ruin the floor. These cleaning habits passed onto me and have been with me since.


Now, 20 years old, living in a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom apartment, who cleans almost every day who complains if the sink is filled with dishes. Even though it is not a big deal, it's annoying in my mind because it thinks “the dishwasher is right there.” instead of “Oh, they will clean it in a minute.” I would start to clean my roommate's dishes, while they would get annoyed because they would want to clean it instead of me. It’s nice to come home to a clean apartment, but once when I see something out of place, the curse will rise again.