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Taking care of ourselves seems to be act in which we seem to neglect often in our daily lives, especially as colleges student, fresh out of house, not living without our parents. We are responsible for most, if not all at what comes at us in our lives.


Here are FIVE WAYS you can up ramp up your self-care as a college student


1. Tired? Take a nap

I have learned to become aware of my tiredness. If my eyes are beginning to shut, I am not fighting back. We must give our body the rest it needs in order to function. I’ve invested in an eye mask and have been sleeping deeper ever since, due to my room has a lot of sunlight come through the curtains. As my dad used to tell me as a child, surrender to your sleep.



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2. Get a Massage

This has been one of my favorite self-care tips lately. Recently my roommate introduced me to the massage parlor over next to the Sift bakery, in Cotati called Lifestyle Healthy Massage. If you are looking for a good massage at a low price, it is the perfect choice for a college student. Only $25 for a forty minute foot massage and twenty minutes body massage. If you go between the times of 9-11:30 you get 20% as well!





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3. Head to the Hot Tub in the Rec

As an SSU student, you have free access to the spa in the rec center. Take advantage of the hot tub with its jets during your duration at Sonoma State. Rarely you’ll find anyone using it. It is located through the back of the bathrooms of the first floor of the rec through the back doors. It’s amazing for those weekend nights you want a massage as well from the jets after a long week!



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4. Cry

We all need a good cry sometimes. At times we don’t even know why. We need to find ways to express the feelings within us. For me, I find crying the easiest way to express my exhaustion. Crying is not weakness, it’s a way for us to release what has been building up within us.



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5. Talk it Out

Even if you feel you have nothing to talk about, take advantage of CAPS on campus. As a student, we have up to ten free sessions that come with being a student for the year. If we’re paying for it, mid as well take advantage of the free sessions. Don’t wait until it’s finals or until you are stressed, we all have something to talk about. Just head in and make an appointment today.



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If none of the above don’t work, don’t forget as a women, we have this option too! Whether it’s masturbation or finding yourself a partner, experiment and find what works for you!


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