5 Tips to Create an Entrepreneurial Mindset in College

From a young age, entering into the traditional educational system, we were soon to be subjected to the boring, scheduled routine of school. For many years, we have study subjects we don’t enjoy and instead of catering to our strengths, we’re pushed to focus on our weaknesses. We have been routinely trained to learn to “deal” with homework, classes we don’t enjoy and eventually go out into the workforce and work a job we don’t like. This process has been set up by our system dating back to the industrialization in our country, the United States, to work for others. We are trained to sit and behave, raising our hand or not speaking at all. We find it uncomfortable when we are taken out of the usual classroom routine because we have been trained from a young age to tolerate this. 

“Why create an entrepreneurial mindset?”

“Why work on critical thinking skills?”

“It could never be my own boss, it's too scary and it’s a lot of responsibility”

Well, it is scary but if you haven’t trained the mind it will be a whole lot scarier. We’ve been programed to sit through hours of classes, show up on time and focus on our weaknesses only to work a job we eventually don’t enjoy because “that’s life”.

WRONG. You can train your mind to think a certain way if you are willing to make the effort of acknowledging you did not come out of the womb to work for others forever making THEIR dreams come true, while you live on low, salary wages.

I too were you, scared, nervous and unsure that I ever could start my own business. However, I am on my way to making that dream come true through first, reconstructing the mind I’ve been given by my social pressures and education.


Here are FIVE ways you begin creating your entrepreneurial mindset:



Youtube and podcasts are wonderful ways in order to listen to entrepreneurial mindsets daily and feel inspired as well as supported. Both are free and you can listen to them on the bus or driving your car to class. I have found this to be one of the best ways to construct your mind and feel inspired and driven to make a change in your life. One of my favorite youtube channels to listen to impact theory. Tom interviews a ton of people, to name a few, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mel Robbins, Rob Dyrdek, Jim Kwik, Lori Harder, that give us insight in how these entrepreneurs created their life and got to where they are now. Download that podcast app and begin listen to those who inspire you to push you to your limits! Make it a goal each day to listen to an entrepreneurial person so you don’t sucked into the world of working for a paycheck to get by.

Impact Theory:






Put yourself in situations where you can meet people in different places in their life. Interview a person in a place in their life that you admire or ask to spend some time with them and see how they construct their life or think differently from you and what can you incorporate in your life to become more efficient.



Who you spend your time around will influence your thoughts and beliefs. Make sure to choose correctly who you’re spending most of your time with! Do you want to become the people you spend most of your time around? Do you admire the people you spend time around? Time to get real with yourself!


      4. MAKE GOALS

Remember that New Year's Resolution you made back in January? Begin by making those resolutions weekly or even daily. Make goals big or small and plan to revisit them daily. Make new habits and revisit them often to make sure you're heading in the direction you’re aiming for.



Take the time to take yourself out of your comfort zone. Being an entrepreneur you’ll be faced with many challenges and having to make decisions on your own. Learn to place yourself out there and adjust to challenges that are thrown in your direction.


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