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5 Popular Costumes From Halloween 2016

It is hard to believe that Halloween has already come and gone! While I may have been in my dorm all night writing an essay due the next morning, it wasn’t hard to see what costumes were most popular this Halloween. After liking endless pictures on Instagram from Halloween and seeing students all over my campus dressed up for the day, here are the most popular costumes that were inspired by this year’s pop culture!

While Snapchat filters may have been released back in October of 2015, they didn’t become that popular until this year. Many people went out dressed up as their favorite Snapchat filter, such as the dog filter, flower crown filter, and the barfing rainbow filter!

With the release of Suicide Squad just a few months ago, Harley Quinn became an iconic movie villain/hero. Tons of people went out this year for Halloween with Harley’s signature pink and blue pony tails. Even Teen Vogue declared that Harley Quinn was on of the most popular costumes this Halloween!

Everyone has heard of Beyonce’s newest album Lemonade. Even if you haven’t seen the 60 minute film that went along with her album, you will surely recognize the bright yellow dress and bat she totes along with her in the film. This iconic look is not only stunning, but is probably one of the best on this list all because of Queen B.


There is no denying that Stranger Things has become a huge success. I can’t even count the amount of times I have sat in my dorm room watching an episode in this series when I should probably be doing homework. Eleven was a character that everyone seemed to relate to. Eleven’s iconic look (along with her obsession with Eggo waffles) is one that I saw everywhere this Halloween.

Another big trend this Halloween was dressing up as pop culture icons from the 90’s. While I saw quite a few people dressed as Tamagotchi’s and even some Beanie Babies, I was surprised to see so many people dressed up as the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus! Even Better Midler dressed up as her own character from the movie, aka Winnie Sanderson.

These costumes were a hit this Halloween. Did you dress up as someone on our list? Let us know!

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