4 Ways to Get involved at SSU Outside of Greek Life

When I was a first year at SSU I knew from the get go that I wanted to get involved, but I didn’t really know where to start? At the time I didn’t want to be apart of Greek Life, and I was sure I didn’t need Greek Life to make friends, which is completely true...but since Sonoma is comprised of 21 sororities and raternities, people excluded from that can feel left out. Although I am apart of the Greek system now, I got really involved my freshman year outside of Greek Life and I am here to tell you how:


1. Join Clubs!

This is the most obvious one that I know every single one of your high school teachers told you, but it’s completely true! Joining clubs that align with your interests is a great way to get involved and find friends.  You can join writing club, Best Buddies, Brazilian Jiu Jistu, even Her Campus...duh! And guess what? SSU is having Club week starting September 24th in the Ballrooms! You can find out all the information on all SSU clubs through Sonoma Sync, which is basically Facebook, but for SSU students looking to get involved. Just log in to your SSU account and it’s one of the icons!

2. Look into Athletics!

Most athletic teams at Sonoma are either clubs or intramural teams meaning that “Intramural sports offer students the opportunity to create their own teams and compete against other SSU players” according to their website.  SSU isn’t a big sports school-as you can probably already tell-so everyone’s really supportive of each other! No matter whether you join the equestrian club team or the Ultimate Disc golf team, you’re sure to have fun!

3.  Work on Campus!

It’s ok, were all poor college students here who want to eat more than mac and cheese and cup of noodles, so another way to get involved is to find an on campus job! You can work in the kitchens, Charlie Browns, be a Student Assistant in one of the many offices, work or even work in the Rec Center! To find a job on campus, go to the Career Services located on the first floor of Stevenson Hall or go to there website and use the Seawolf Job Link to find both on and off campus jobs looking to hire! I mean can even find a position in career services!

4) Become a leader on campus!

If you want to be a leader on campus, a great way to do that is to join ResLife or ASP among other awesome leadership positions on campus! To be a Peer Mentor, CSA, TLA, RSA and so much more you must take one semester of UNIV 238 and pass with a B or better and apply for a specific position that you want! I took UNIV 238, and that class really helped me grow as a person so I know you will love it too! Visit the ResLife website to find more information.  If you want to do something a little different from ResLife you can also join ASP, which is basically SSU’s version of your high school’s ASB class or JUMP, which is Join Us In Making Progress, a club that gets involved in the community! If you’re interested in either one visit the ASP website here.