The Memes That Got Me Through the Election

The 2016 election only brought one positive thing with it: the memes. These memes have been the only thing that have helped me forget about the arrogant, racist, orange cheeto that America has elected for president. Here are some of my few favorite ones to help you get through your day, as well as the next four years. 


1) Calm down, Joe.


2) But Obama...look at how prepared Biden is


3) If they moved in together and someone gave them a show, I’d definitely watch.


4) But please, don't grab 'em by the pu***.




5) Hey Nair, does your stuff work on toupees?

6) *calls again in 10 minutes*


7) BOSS!


8) Do it Biden! Do it!


9) Plot twist...he actually is Gucci Mane.


10) Hey Biden, I like my coffee like that too! Twins!


Miss you both already and thank you for the last eight years! #friendshipgoals



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