Get an Internship

Get an Internship. Why you may ask? Because it not only gives you the opportunity to put it on your resume, but mostly helps you gain experience for a job in the future. I know people in college may say “I wanna live my college life” or “ I will get a job after I graduate” but they do not realize that getting an internship is a great advantage for your future.

If you don’t know where to find an internship at SSU, your department may send out emails pertaining to certain companies and organizations that are looking for student interns. You can also talk to your advisor for advice about where to look and they may even help you in your search!

I found my internship through an email sent by my department head. When I saw the email about an internship as a writer for a local Sonoma County website, I was unsure whether to apply because I was so busy with school, but it really interested me.  I decided to give it a go and during the interview, I fell in love with it. Writing independently about exploring Sonoma County is perfect for me. 

Yes, its commitment. You are a student who may have have a part-time job, but I highly recommend putting yourself out there and going for it. Internships help grow your skills and teach you new methods that will help for the future.

I have terrible grammar (ask my parents.) They bought me a grammar book for Christmas to help with my new internship, but through this internship, I have seen the improvement in my grammar, punctuation, spelling, style and format. 

Getting an Internship is a great experience, whether you need it for class credit, or for a paycheck (if youre lucky) because you gain so much experience  and you have a chance to pursue your dreams.