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Yes, binge watching Netflix on the weekends is great but sometimes it’s nice to switch up your routine. Need ideas of what to do? Here are a few of our favorite weekend activites that you should try out!

I like going on walks because it’s relaxing and the weather is usually nice here yet during weekdays, I spend too much time in my room studying and not enjoying outsideAmanda B. 

Hanging out with my friends and sleeping until noon – Miku O.

Going to downtown Laguna because it is a nice break from Soka and reminds me that I actually live in a pretty cool area – Claire N.

I won’t say this is my favorite but I like doing chores on the weekend because I feel like I have control over my life and a clean room keeps me feeling refreshed during the week – Hidemi M.

Reading and trying to draw! Both of these activities give me peace and help relax my mind – Clarissa C.

Hiking in the canyonMegan C.

I love playing music with the saxophone and the piano. I also like to go out just to chill – Megumi O.

I enjoy catching up with friends while cooking because we get to eat food and talk about what we did during the week, since we’re too busy to meet up on the weekdays Monet S.

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