Study Jam Playlist

Let's be honest, studying can get pretty dull and tiresome, so listening to some music can help liven things up and make you more productive. Everyone has their own playlist, here are some selection from ours to add to yours. 

Sometimes classical piano music, sometimes EDM, sometimes 2000 hits, sometimes songs from my childhood that are nostalgic. It really depends on my mood and what I'm working on - Amanda B. 

Rock music or Celtic music - Miku O.

Peaceful guitar playlist on Spotify - Reina S.

It really depends on what I’m doing. If I need to focus, I listen to classical piano or sting music in my headphones at 60bpm because I read somewhere that it boosts productivity. If I am doing my French homework I have a specific French cafe playlist that makes me work harder because I get hyped for study abroad - Claire N.

Musicals or R&B - Hidemi M.

Really a mixture of songs depending on what I’m studying—a Spanish playlist for when I’m studying Spanish, classical music for when I’m trying to write a paper, etc. - Clarissa C.

I can't study to songs with lyrics, so I listen to slow jazz, especially piano or ballad style songs - Megumi O.

Classical songs or instrumental versions of pop songs - Monet S.

One Ok Rock songs, Japanese songs, or American pop songs - Anju O.