Soka Sustainable Student: Sophie Rosen

Sophie Rosen, Class of 2021

1. Why should people care about the environment?

Planet Earth is our only home, so if we destroy the planet, we'll have nowhere left to live. Climate change is a dire threat to us, and it is critical that we mitigate it as much as possible.

2. What aspect of the environment are you most passionate about? (i.e. deforestation, pollution, waste reduction, etc.) 

I am most passionate about food justice and sustainable agriculture! We need to find a way to find ourselves in the appropriate amounts and in ways that have a less severe impact on the planet and our communities.

3. Are environmental issues inherently political?

Unfortunately, yes. Any decision about the environment is going to be affected by certain laws and regulations. However, I don't believe that environmental issues should be partisan issues.

4. What's one thing we can do every day to help the environment?

Use biodegradable soaps and cleaning products!

5. What's one thing you've done for the environment that you're proud of? 

I've put a lot of work into sustainable agriculture. I am most proud of the community service I've done that has affected sustainability in direct and indirect ways, whether it has been volunteering at an environmental organization, voting for candidates who support sustainability efforts, or changing my habits and behaviors to reduce my impact on the planet.