Soka Sustainable Student: Preandra Noel

Preandra Noel, Class of 2018

1. Why should people care about the environment? 

Because we live with the environment, not without it. The healthier the environment, the healthier we are. We are all interconnected.

2. What aspect of the environment are you most passionate about? (i.e. deforestation, pollution, waste reduction, etc.) 

I am most passionate about reducing waste. The number of plastic bottles (and other trash) that have been dumped into the ocean and which remains there terrifies me. I can't believe we have let it come to this point.

3. Are environmental issues inherently political?  

I'm not sure about the word choice 'inherent,' but I do believe that the government can do more to help prevent negative environmental impacts. I know of countries (can't remember the name) which banned the use of plastics and have taken action to implement them. It can happen.

4. What's one thing we can do every day to help the environment?

One thing, out of many, that we can do is be active in local community engagement activities (city council meetings, voting, protesting, etc.) where we can have an influence in changing policies that will encourage positive environmental change.

5. What's one thing you've done for the environment that you're proud of? 

I am proud of my community service involvement. It always reminds me that if we think and act locally, we can do the same globally.