Soka Sustainable Student: Allyson Appelbaum

Allyson Appelbaum, Class of 2020

1. Why should people care about the environment?

The earth existed long before us, and we depend on it entirely for our existence. Obviously, we need to care because our future depends on it. When humans nurture the environment, it nourishes us back.

2. What aspect of the environment are you most passionate about? (i.e. deforestation, pollution, waste reduction, etc.) 

To me, they are all intertwined. I do my best in every aspect. I am vegan because animal agriculture plays a huge destructive role in all of the above areas. Deforestation, water usage, pollution, waste.

3. Are environmental issues inherently political?

They shouldn't be, considering we all rely on the environment.

4. What's one thing we can do every day to help the environment?

Eat less animal products! Don't use plastic silverware/straws! Carpool! Shop at thrift stores!

5. What's one thing you've done for the environment that you're proud of? 

Eliminated most animal products and reduced my consumption of fast fashion.